SNL: Who was better, Peyton or Eli?


Eli Manning has two Super Bowl rings to big brother Peyton’s one, but I’m betting that when the next family dinner rolls around, the real sibling squabble is going to be about who was better on SNL. What did you think?

I thought Eli did fine, especially in the sketch where he takes on big brothers by helping younger brothers with big brother issues. He throws a kid into the trunk of his car and tells him, “Maybe now you’ll learn to treat your little brother with some respect, Peyton!” “My name’s not Peyton,” says the kid.” “Whatever,” Eli snaps back as he slams down the trunk.

Peyton, though, wins by a field goal because of his fantastic moves, put on display in a basketball locker room sketch.

But some might say Eli wins on a quarterback sneak for having the guts to admit that his penis is smaller than a banana on national television.