The Beastles And Let It Beast, dj BC’s Beastie Boys-Beatles Mashups, Are Back Online


The Beastles, Boston-based dj BC’s well-received (but ultimately unauthorized and subsequently yanked offline) Beatles-Beastie Boys mash-up, is now fully available online. In memory of Adam Yauch, Bob Cronin (dj BC’s alter ego) has decided to face any potential legal wrath from publishing companies and repost The Beastles and its 2006 followup, Let It Beast.

SOTC interviewed dj BC about his mash-up using Philip Glass tunes last January. Like with Glass, the Beastie Boys’ music publisher in those early internet days asked dj BC to take The Beastles down, and he complied. But over the weekend, he emailed us that he reposted both Beastles albums fully online, “including the ‘lost’ single ‘2 Many Beastles.’ If you want to share them, in the wake of MCA’s untimely passing, that would be cool. Hopefully EMI has stopped caring about this!”

I had the good fortune to see the Beastie Boys perform in person while working at Saturday Night Live in the late ’90s and am more than happy to share dj BC’s homage to them in its entirety. In the years while the mash-ups were off dj BC’s site, several tracks have popped up on YouTube, and we’ve included a couple of our favorites here.