Upstate Strip Club Ready For Obama’s Visit: “U.S. Secret Service Welcome”


President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit Albany tomorrow and a local strip club isn’t missing the chance to cash in on the visit by inviting the Secret Service to enjoy some topless (hopefully legal) entertainment.

Shenanigans, located on Central Avenue in Albany, is your run-of-the-mill strip club (which we may or may not have visited in our younger years). From our experience, there’s no sex in the champagne room, so a trip to the club might keep any horny Secret Servicemen from exchanging cash for sex (or failing to exchange cash for sex, which is what got a few of Obama’s protectors in so much trouble down in Columbia a few weeks ago).

The purpose of Obama’s visit to the Empire State is unclear — like anything in an election year, it’s most likely inspired by politics. But New York’s a “blue state,” and probably won’t be assigning its delegates to a Republican candidate anytime soon. In other words, Obama’s probably already got New York in the bag.

The Associated Press’ Michael Gormley makes point that Obama’s probably coming to town to woo Governor Andrew Cuomo — who will accompany the president as he tours a computer chip plant north of Albany — into helping him raise some campaign coin.

From the AP:

Obama can use Cuomo’s entree to New York’s big political donors. Sidling alongside Cuomo also gives the president some of the shine Cuomo has cloaked himself in as a fiscal conservative. Cuomo cut spending, used a $2 billion tax on millionaires in part to fund tax breaks of $200 to $400 for the middle class, and made “jobs, jobs, jobs” his top priority.

An upstate New York appearance and planned economic speech also gives Obama a chance to try out ways to appeal to Catholics and voters in the Midwest who share a certain political and economic DNA with upstate New Yorkers.

“It’s a way for him to get the message out, sitting next to a popular governor,” said Hank Sheinkopf, a national political adviser who worked in the Clinton White House. “Obama has got to win some combination of Midwestern states.”

For Cuomo, Gormley explains, it’s a chance for the ambitious governor “to be seen as presidential without talking about it himself.” Cuomo, as you may know, is undoubtedly considering a run at the presidency in 2016 — despite what he has to say (or not say) about it.

In any event, the above photo was snapped by Albany Proper. See their website here.

We called Shenanigans to see if there are any special deals waiting for any Secret Servicemen who find their way to the strip club. Calling a strip club at 9:30 in the morning, unfortunately, doesn’t get you very far (it doesn’t open until noon). We left a message, though, and we’ll let you know if we hear back.