Adolfo Carrion for Mayor?


The Post reports that Adolfo Carrion, former Bronx borough prez who served as Barack Obama’s urban czar, is weighing whether to run for mayor “and will make a decision by the fall.”

Carrion, 51, would likely bill himself as a middle-of-the-road alternative to the other Democrat contenders, who he reportedly thinks ‘”are all trying to out-left each other.'”

He’s so popular with moderates and conservatives, in fact, that Republican leaders have asked him to run on a G.O.P. ticket, according to the paper.

Granted, Carrion’s candidacy wouldn’t be too surprising.

When he left the Urban Affairs gig to head the New York/New Jersey HUD office, it was very much an expected homecoming — even if his stint at the White House wasn’t altogether that memorable.

What is memorable: as the Voice reported in 2008, Carrion booted some Bronx community board members from their positions when they “objected a couple years ago to giving the richest team in baseball a public park and a few hundred million bucks to build a brand new stadium.”

More: when Carrion raised $2.3 million for citywide office in 2008, some 66 percent came from the real estate industry. He also didn’t check to make sure that 25 percent of Yankee stadium-related construction jobs went to Bronx residents — as required by a community benefits agreement, “never bothering to make sure a new community oversight board even met.”

He also didn’t find a new home for the Bronx Terminal Market, as he was supposed to do, so the merchants had to relocate throughout the city.