“Christopher Street Should Have a Walk of Fame!”


That’s what one of the big winners at the Get Out magazine awards at Splash told me the other night.

The Christopher Street bar Boots & Saddle won awards for its staff, its karaoke night (with lovely Victoria Chase), and other aspects as well.

But owner Robert Ziegler deserves a special honor for crusading against the continuing crime wave that has hit that area in the past few years.

As he told me:

“Christopher Street needs to be landmarked, to reduce crime, and for the sake of future generations.

“There should be rainbow flags up and down it!

“There should also be a walk of fame, with stars of people who were instrumental in the early gay movement.”

Great idea!

I’ll start with some names of legends who absolutely need to have stars there:

Sylvia Rivera

Marsha P. Johnson

Harry Hay

Rudi Gernreich

Larry Kramer

You can finish the list.

And don’t say Rin Tin Tin!