Leading New York’s Local TV News Today: A Bear Falling Out Of A Tree


Never mind the fact that a cop’s gonna skate after shooting a mentally ill, unarmed immigrant. Or the fact that terrorists have figured out a way to make “Fruit of the Boom 2.0” that might not be detectable by run-of-the-mill airport security equipment. Those sort of things are trivial on a day like today — a day when a bear in New Jersey fell out of a tree, which apparently is a hot story in the land of local TV journalism.

Despite the infinitely more important things going on in and around New York City today, the lead story on the websites of several local TV stations is about a bear in New Jersey that found itself stranded in a tree until he went tumbling into a net after getting hit with a
tranquillizer dart.

Of the three major network affiliates (ABC, NBC, and CBS), all three had the tale of the bear falling from a tree as one of their “top stories.” Two of the stations — NBC and ABC — feature the bear as their main  story.

Granted, it’s a relatively slow news day here in the Big Apple, but trees are where bears belong. If, say, a walrus fell out of a tree in New Jersey, we might better understand the commotion.

In case you care, according to the TV news stations (our apologies for not doing any of our own reporting to get confirmation on this one — we just simply don’t care enough to burn precious energy dialing a 10-digit phone number to confirm that a bear fell out of a tree), the bear was found in Union Township. It’s expected to be relocated to a non-urban area.