Marijuana Manners: Be a Good Neighbor by Keeping Pot Smells Inside Your Apartment


Oh, city life!

The Daily News‘ Ask an Expert column today has a not-too-uncommon conundrum — sober neighbors who live next to stoner neighbors and complain about them.

An Upper West Side woman wrote in for advice on this very issue, since she can smell pot smoke in her apartment. She’s trying to get pregnant, and worries about a “contact high.” The woman and her husband, worried about coming across as “complete squares” want to know: “Should we narc?”

You can read the column for that answer, but we’re more interested in another important question: How do you smoke pot politely in the City’s close quarters?

Since smell seems to be one of the biggest issues for this otherwise private activity — which we are neither condoning or condemning, simply commenting on — we have assembled a brief guide to scent prevention.

And remember, always toke responsibly!

Keep It Glassy

The community of cannabis commentators seems to think glass is better than plastic bags or pill bottles at sealing in scents.

Make Like MacGyver

Sticking a towel under a door — or even going so far as to put tape around the threshold — isn’t just for college dorm rooms. It’s great for condos and coops, too! And don’t forget the dryer sheet trick. As per the ever-reliable World Wide Web: “Take a paper towel tube, cover the end with a couple dyer sheets and use a rubber band to hold them on there. When you smoke exhale all your smoke through the tube and when the smoke comes out the other end it will smell like fresh laundry. ”

Vaporize That Shit

Also from (hey, it’s an appropriate source) is a key point in the vaporize v. smoke debate. If you heat weed out of a vaporizer, there is little smell because the buds don’t burn — as happens with smoking. Similarly, joints tend to be stinkier than pipes with lids.

Ventilate That Shit, Too!

This sounds obvious, but you might not remember if you’re high, so we will remind you! One of the best ways to disperse odors is by opening windows and turning on fans to direct them outside.