Shape of Wine Glass May Affect Taste of Wine


Can the shape of your wine glass affect the taste of the wine? According to the people over at The Guardian–maybe.

Felicity Cloake, the publication’s food and wine reporter writes: “. . . in Austria, a ninth-generation glassmaker called Claus Riedel was theorising glass shapes’ effect on wine. The company launched a range of grape-specific glasses in 1961, claiming ‘wide, open glass shapes require us to sip by lowering the head, whereas a narrow rim forces the head to tilt backwards so that the liquid flows. This delivers and positions the beverage to different ‘taste zones’ of the palate.'”

Although Cloake admits the statement is probably an oversimplification of the way we taste, it’s a interesting theory nevertheless.

“Richard Geoffroy, Dom Pérignon’s Chef de Cave swears by white wine glasses for serving his champagnes because flutes, while concentrating the fizz, can also stifle the aroma of older, more complex wine,” she says.

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