Some Rich Gays Are Stiffing Obama in Protest!


Wait, that sounds a little dirty.

How about “Some rich gays are pulling out…”?

Nah, that sounds suggestive, too.

Well, however you phrase it, this is serious stuff.

See, Obama has had a pretty good record with regard to LGBT decision making (though he’s still “evolving” about same-sex marriage–Ugh! Evolve already!).

But his refusal to sign an executive order forbidding same-sex discrimination by federal contractors pissed lots of people off last month.

So in protest, some rich gays are trying to hit him where it hurts by refusing to donate any more cash to the pro-Obama super PAC.

The feeling, according to this editorial, is that Obama’s rationale–that he’d rather pursue a legislative solution to this matter–is bogus, seeing as such a solution would never get through Congress.

Obama is clearly reeking of wussiness here, knifing the gays in order to desperately try to appease some conservatives–who aren’t going to vote for him anyway!

God, I hate politics, and I really hate being used as a pawn in some sad political charade.

And that’s not all.

While Vice President Joe Biden said he was comfortable with gay marriage just the other day, there was then a backtrack insisting that he wasn’t endorsing such a thing after all–he’s just evolving too!

And Obama is evolving so slowly, The L.A Times says he’s risking getting lost in the dust on this issue.


Don’t you almost want to start withdrawing your money?

Thanks to Rex Wockner for the tip.