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Broadway Gossip About Ricky Martin, Newsies, and Jekyll & Hyde!


This week’s column is a breathless triumph that sums up the Broadway season by interviewing various notables at a Tony nominees meet-and-greet where they grabbed at plaques and press ops.

You’ll learn:

*What Gladys Knight has to do with the upcoming reimagining of Jekyll & Hyde

*What Bonnie & Clyde has to do with the upcoming reimagining of Cinderella

*What happens to Ricky Martin whenever he’s onstage

*Why the male star of Once breaks down crying some nights during the show

*What happens as a result of the Whoopi lady’s sunglasses being bedazzled in Ghost The Musical

*Who’s on top, Newsies or Once?

*And what the wondrous Cynthia Nixon gave to people who visited her after seeing the cancer drama Wit.

No, it wasn’t contagious.

With tidbits like that, this column truly deserves a nomination–but I’m holding out for the committee to deem it a play with songs rather than a musical.

It’ll give me a better chance of winning!