Is Your Steak the Size of a Deck of Cards?


As you probably know deep inside your inner brain, the key to losing weight and maintaining a healthy poundage lies not in omitting carbs, fat, sugar, or gluten, but in eating less of everything. As a mnemonic aid, has invented a set of infographics to remind you what “healthy” portions should look like.

A bagel should be the size of a hockey puck, while a pancake should be the same circumference as a CD or DVD. Of course, the limitation of this system is that nobody but an NHL player would carry a hockey puck around in his purse, and who totes around CDs when you’ve got a smartphone?

And because you don’t have these props for comparison purposes, you’re going to have to guesstimate whether the apple you’re buying at the bodega is precisely the size of a baseball or not. And some of the comparisons are totally nutty: How do you get your piece of cheese to be the size of four dice, especially if it’s a runny camembert? And who wants to bother with a cookie the size of two poker chips?

Come to think of it, the preponderance of sports and gambling imagery among the icons is somewhat weird in itself. Still, there is a real utility in this system, but you’d be better off carrying a ruler with you and making actual measurements.

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