Man Makes Food Mummy Out of McDonalds, Trying to Get Sued


Ben Campbell is taking food art to a whole other level. The Texan artist is in the process of creating an art show featuring a wide variety of work created with McDonald’s food.

His goal: to get sued by the fast-food chain.

“Conceptually, the reason behind the show is to comically highlight the parallels between Ancient Egypt, McDonald’s Food, and Modern Society,” Campbell writes on his Kickstarter website.

Pieces include a mummy that’s made with $200 worth of McDonald’s food and a hamburger that’s more than a year old. Campbell told LA Weekly in an Q&A that the mummy is made out of ground-up McDoubles, French fries, and a clear epoxy resin.

He also mentioned that he’s looking for a buyer for his art–“like Ripley’s, Charlie Sheen, or somebody who might enjoy it.”

Any takers?