“Tanning Mom” Patricia Krentcil Now Has Her Own Action Figure (Sigh)


It’s been less than a week since the term “tanning mom” entered the pop culture vocabulary, but the bronzed New Jersey catcher’s mit mom accused of taking her 5-year-old daughter tanning has now achieved the ultimate cultural accolade: her own action figure.

That’s right, in addition to getting mocked on Saturday Night Live, harassed by TMZ, and lampooned by Jimmy Kimmel, Patricia Krentcil is now immortalized in plastic — all because she’s accused of taking her daughter to a tanning salon., Connecticut company that specializes in customized action figures, is pouncing on the opportunity to make some coin off of Krentcil’s (um) fame with an action figure called a “Tanorexic” action figure inspired by “Tanning Mom’s” leathery exterior.

As we mentioned Monday, the “tanning mom” hysteria is funny, and all, but skin cancer in Krentcil’s neck of the woods (Jersey) is a serious problem, with a 43-percent increase in cases of melanoma in the last 10 years. Officials at the American Cancer Society credit the increase to the rise in indoor tanning. More on that here.

The “Tanorexic” action figure will run you $29.95, which is about $29.95 more than anyone should ever pay for an action figure of a dried up New Jersey housewife.

In related news, Krentcil reportedly has been banned from several New Jersey tanning salons (TMZ has the story here).

Are this woman’s 15 minutes up yet?