The Voice Presents “New York Writes Itself”


The Village Voice is proud to announce its partnership with Leo Burnett New York for “New York Writes Itself,” an ongoing series of crowdsourced creative productions fueled by the real people of our city. The endeavor encourages New Yorkers to turn everyday city-life into rich content.

The foundation of NYWI is a website that acts as a running archive called “The Script,” where people document unique New York moments. Locals registered as “scribes” can submit short-form content such as quotes, characters and scenes they witness in New York. The Script is then open to the city’s creative community who use it as inspiration to create art, music, short films, photography or whatever they like.

As a permanent piece of NYWI content, the best submissions on will be featured within the Village Voice every month.

Think of it as a city-wide open mic–but without the uncomfortable silences and three-drink minimum.