Bed-Stuy Store Named After Mahogany


Tracy Chambers was Diana Ross‘s name in Mahogany, the 1975 anti-feminist camp classic about a lady designer who throws away the knitting needle to stand in the shadow of her man.

The film is notable for the great theme song, the incredible outfits, and Diana’s bulging eyes when photographer Anthony Perkins turns psycho on her.

It became notable again in the ’80s when drag star Lypsinka wrote a character named Mahogany Woods who pens a memoir ill-advisedly titled I, Mahog.

And now it’s notable all over again because there’s a vintage boutique in Bed-Stuy called TracyChambers Vintage and Inspired!

Just hearing that, I knew these people must have great taste and a fantastic sense of humor too.

I’d be thrilled to write their theme song.