Tom Ford On His Boyfriend, Yves’ Dis, And the Manson Connection


Designer Tom Ford said a fashionable mouthful in his interview with Fern Mallis at the 92nd Street Y the other night.

Here are the tres chic highlights, as reported by well-dressed attendee Christian Freedom:

“Though Wikipedia states that Tom went to Bard College, he never attended that school.

“He is working on three film projects, but gets frustrated since filmmaking is such a long process, unlike fashion.

“The head of the Gucci family at first wanted to fire him since they didn’t think his modern style was a good fit for their brand.

“YSL was purchased for him to design and revive, though he felt bad that Alber Elbaz was fired. Yves St. Laurent wrote Tom a letter in relation to Tom’s fashion show that ‘In 13 minutes, you have destroyed what I spent 40 years trying to create’.

“Tom ‘retired’ from fashion, leaving YSL + Gucci because of management changes in the companies, the imense pressure, and his own drinking problem.

“He has loved living in Paris off and on for 20 years, but his French is still awful.

*He has been with his partner Richard Buckley for 25 years, but is waiting till the federal government recognizes gay marriage before he will tie the knot. Or if California reinstates it, he will do it there since he is a California resident.

“He was scared when he first met Richard since Richard stared at him intensely and was a super successful journalist and fashion editor. But after one elevator ride together, he knew Richard was the ‘one’.

“Tom was excited to move to Santa Fe with his family when he was a kid since Charles Manson had lived there.

“Tom looks great in a cowboy hat and on a horse as a result of being born and partially raised in Texas.

“He hates it when he asks prospective employees who their favorite designer is and they say Nicholas Ghesquiere instead of Tom Ford. LOL!”