Year of the Takeout Day 130: Food World Restaurant


Crispy Intestine from Food World (19 Eldridge Street, 212-219-0006)

Tonight, Year of the Takeout learned (yet another) important lesson.

Sometimes, when you order intestine, you get the intestine that holds shit.

Sometimes, when you get said shit-holding intestine, it smells like shit.

Lucky for us, YotT’s selection, which Robert Sietsema identified as this specific organ, was not offensively odiferous.

In fact, it was quite tasty–the meat was moist and metallic, like a quality cut of beef. Also, the braised, crisp exterior was playful on the palate and had the texture of roast pork, and came with a sweet and citrusy chile dipping sauce.

Unfortunately, knowing too much about what we were eating–OK, knowing anything at all about it, really–kinda spoiled the experience.

So yes, you should go to Food World, and you should get the intestine. It’s great. Just don’t think too much about it if you’re at all squeamish (which we didn’t realize we were, considering our history of bug and ball eating.)