Blogroll Gazette: Dosas and Tacos


This week in food blogs…

Serious Eats does a round-up on seven can’t-miss-dosas in New York City.

In honor of Mother’s Day, Gourmet Live has a post on a mom’s five kitchen rules for her kids. One of them: hone your multitasking talents.

Ryan Sutton at The Price Hike gives his take on why Empellon Cocina doesn’t serve tasting menus. “The lesson here is that tacos made with excellent products shouldn’t necessarily be cheaper than composed dishes,” he says.

The people over at New York Street Food gives us a photo run-down on the taco offerings at food cart Antojitos Mexicanos.

The Girl Who Ate Everything goes to Mei Li Wah in Chinatown and tries fried salad. Warning: Click at your own risk. Mouth-watering photos may induce hunger.

NY Eater drafts up a charming guide to “New York City’s Weirdo Pizzas.” Our favorite: the lobster pizza.

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