Chris Geidner of Metro Weekly on the Big, Gay Week at the White House [VIDEO]


There are many culprits who helped push Obama out of the same-sex marriage support closet this week, with Malia and Sasha (who didn’t see the difference between their friends’ parents who are opposite or same sex), Joe Biden’s loose, grandiose, hyperbolic lips, and the (later confirmed) prospect of raking in big donations at the top of the list.

Another culprit deserves due credit: the press. After Biden came out on Sunday in support of same-sex couples, followed by Education Secretary Arne Duncan the following day, the White House Press Corps merciless pounded Jay Carney to clarify just what the hell President Obama’s position actually was. Carney knew he wouldn’t be able to talk about anything else until he had an answer for the hungry pack animals that had smelled blood.

One reporter deserves special recognition here, our friend Chris Geidner of Metro Weekly. It was Geidner, after all, who got the first interview with a member of Obama’s cabinet who supported same-sex marriage when he interviewed H.U.D. Secretary Shuan Donovan last November. It was his challenge to Carney this week that led to the press secretary’s visible stumble (a moment The Daily Show and others took interest in). We chatted with Geidner about the scene in the White House Briefing Room this week, why he thinks Obama’s stance is not a “half-loaf” measure , and about his cover story on where the LGBT movement is going, “How It Ends.”

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