Five Places Not to Take Your Mom for Mother’s Day


Katz’s: Don’t you dare take your mom there for Mother’s Day.

Earlier today, Tejal Rao shared Our 10 Best Places to Take Mom for Mother’s Day.

Whatever your mom’s ethnicity, she needs a welcoming place not too noisy, not too gimmicky, and with food that’s good but not too challenging. Mom should be the star of the show, not the food, and she should be made comfortable. That means no long waits and a chair that has cushioning. If that excludes some of your own favorite restaurants, so be it. Here are five places not to take your mom on Mother’s Day.

1. Ippudo: You want your mother to have to wait outside for, say, an hour and a half? Maybe like the rest of May so far it will be raining, and she will sit down sopping wet and shivering from the cold to her bowl of perfect noodles. You want to give your mom pneumonia?

2. Katz’s: Sure, the pastrami is great, the hot dog is exemplary, and the garlic sausage superb–but do you want your mom smelling like garlic for hours afterward so that maybe your dad (or other mom) won’t want to kiss her? Besides, the place is crowded and noisy as hell, and you won’t be able to carry on a pleasant conversation.

3. Caliente Cab Co.: This gets to the heart of where you want to take your mom. Unless she’s a boozehound, bringing her to a place where alcohol is featured above food is sending the wrong idea. The meal is supposed to be about honoring mom, not getting her soused, and going to a place where every table has a pastel frozen margarita the size of a bathtub is not the sort of surroundings she should be featured in.

4. Ninja: To get to your table, you must go through a darkened maze. As you proceed, waiters wearing martial-arts outfits jump out at you and yell in the hope of startling you or even making you fall over. Is this the way to treat your female parental unit? The sushi is not very good, either.

5. Per Se: Unless your mom is a diehard foodie of the most extreme sort, and you’re rich, Per Se is not a good place for Mother’s Day. The food is fussy, the dinner four hours long, the atmosphere stiff and effete. Wouldn’t you rather take her to a normally priced place, spend somewhere between one and two hours eating, and then take a stroll along the Hudson River or in Central Park?

Ninja: Do you want this guy jumping out at your mom?