Mitt and Barack’s Big Gay Week Get the Taiwanese Animation Treatment


What a gay week! The President came out for gay marriage, while his opponent, Mitt Romney, had another kind of coming out.

In timing that couldn’t have been more poetic or suspicious, depending on your take, the Washington Post published a must-read, 5,500 word story on Mitt Romney’s days at Hogwarts the Cranbrook School, in which Romney allegedly bullied a gay classmate. (Writing stories of about that length ourselves, we’re sympathetic to the Post story’s author, Jason Horowitz, and know he couldn’t have predicted in the weeks or months of research what other news would be happening when it was finally published.) Romney has apologized for the incident, although he says he doesn’t recall pinning John Lauber, his gay classmate, down while he screamed and Romney allegedly hacked off his hair with scissors. (Romney also says, “I certainly don’t believe that I thought the fellow was homosexual.”)

Gay bullying has become a meme in the past year, so the Post’s story would have made Romney look bad, even if the President of the United States hadn’t come out for full gay equality the day before.

How to make sense of these two disparate takes from the two presidential candidates at this Friday? Best let the genius Taiwanese animators do it for you.


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