Seven Pink Mother’s Day Recipes


This one is for those of us who want to show off their cooking skills to mom this weekend. We’ve gathered some of the best Mother’s Day-friendly recipes off the Web for you–all of them with a pink flair. Click on the title of the dish to go to the original recipe. Enjoy!

1. Honey Vanilla Ice Cream

The best part about this recipe? No ice cream maker required.

2. Rhubarb souffle

Rhubarb and blackberry souffles with a crumble on top. The author writes: “Totally delicious, fluffy and worth making! I was a little afraid the mixture might be too liquid but it worked brilliantly. I didn’t have ice cream and whipping cream but that would be fantastic with this dessert.”

3. Button Cookies

Sugar cookies with a twist of creativity. You don’t even need a cookie cutter. David and Jen used a wine glass to cut the circles and a sake glass to do the smaller inner imprint.

4. Red Velvet Sugar Cookies

Not exactly pink, but it’s close enough. Made with cream-cheese ice cream.

5. Pink Fuzzy Slippers

Made from Nutter Butters, these adorable pink fuzzy slippers are coated with pink candy melts and peanut butter.

6. Pink Lemonade Pie

The crust is made with Ritz crackers, and the filling is a extravagant combination of condensed milk and pink-lemonade concentrate.

7. Steamed quinoa dessert with rhubarb

This just looks delicious. Ingredients: quinoa, coconut milk, lime (juice and zest), honey, raspberries, rhubarb puree, coconut with peel on, and mint.