This Week’s Specials: Soba, Hot Dogs, and James Beard


What we’ve been up to at Fork in the Road this week:

Robert Sietsema gives us the verdict on the best soba in NYC. He talks up Lower East Side Corcoron and throws in a mention for the East Village-based SobaKoh: “Soba are often eaten cold with a soy-based dipping sauce. The noodles feel cool on the tongue, and wasabi mixed into the sauce (or dabbed on the noodle, which is the more authentic way) adds tang. After you’ve consumed the cold noodles, a pot of hot water turns the dipping sauce into a warm soup. Eating soba is a ritual, while eating ramen is just sucking down starch.”

We chat with North End Grill’s Floyd Cardoz on Battery Park City and the challenges of the new space. “I’d say the biggest challenge was in the first month. It was trying to understand how the grills work. Obviously, I hadn’t done that before. These are two grills I hadn’t worked on so we tried to figure out how to make it best work. That was the biggest challenge we had,” Cardoz says.

For those reservation procrastinators out there, we have for you a list of solid Mother’s Day brunch and dinner deals.

Sietsema reviews the new wiener window at Vandaag. “At $3, the Van Dog is a solid choice, an artisanal wiener with a forcemeat that’s pickled instead of the usual smoked (or smoke-flavored). Served on a dark bun, it’s pink and it pops and sports some rather strange toppings: in addition to creamy coarse mustard, it has shredded mustard greens and pickled red cabbage. A very nice alternative to Sabrett’s,” he says.

Lauren Bloomberg hits up the James Beard awards and grabs a couple of sound bites with the lucky winners. Interviewed: Christina Tosi (Momofuku Milk Bar), Ted Allen (Food Network’s Chopped), and Jim Meehan (PDT).

Tejal Rao talks to the barflies at Burp Castle, who explain to her the super moon: “It’s like you always get a 14-inch pizza but all of a sudden it’s 16 inches.”

We give you a insider look at Cinco de Mayo festivities — West Village style.

Plus, a photo album of the food at the LuckyRice Grand Feast last Friday.