Vidal Sassoon’s Last Filmed Interview


Last month, 84-year-old Vidal Sassoon was interviewed in conjunction with an Atlantic City event that brought together 5000 hair care professionals.

Emiliani Enterprises commissioned Eleven Eleven Productions to shoot the above video featuring Vidal and his son Elan at the hairdresser’s home in Bel Air.

It turned out to be what’s believed to be his last chat recorded for a camera.

Watch it and you’ll see that the son wants to wrap it up after a few minutes, but Vidal goes on, buoyantly telling his tales of scissors and success.

“I was a 14-year-old shampoo boy.”

“I cannot believe the extraordinary adventure that I’ve had.”

“It’s terribly important that we keep the cutting standards up.”

All through it, I keep thinking, “He did Mia’s hair for Rosemary’s Baby!”