Mitt Romney Endorses Straight Marriage!


The other day, President Obama finally said that same-sex marriage should be legalized, though he’s leaving it up to the states blah blah.

Well, Mitt Romney just gave his own side of the argument in a speech at Christian Liberty University.

Romney had said that this tender subject wouldn’t be a big issue in his campaign, but I guess he couldn’t resist pandering to the haters when given half a chance.

And so he told them:

“Marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman.”

I guess because of his Mormon background, Romney couldn’t have just said “between men and women.”

He had to specify one man and one woman.

But however you phrase it, his statement is completely weird!

Not only is it incredibly small minded and hypocritical, considering the way so many heteros have pissed on the sacred marital institution, but he conveniently ignores the fact that six states already allow same-sex marriages!

Is Romney saying that those states don’t exist and that gay marriage never happened there?

Scary shit.

Do we want a President who denies advances that have already been achieved in the country (and the world) in favor of his own loony fictions and fantasies?

Will he next give a speech extolling the relationship between “one slave and one master”?