Perry-phernalia Block Party: Best & Worst Finds


WORST: A seemingly homemade clock featuring a chocolate doughnut, Hershey bar, and three semi-wrapped kisses. [click to enlarge]

Every year, the West Village’s Perry Street Block Association throws an open-air block party, which is more of a down-at-the-heels flea market that a peddler of tube socks and mozzarepa cakes. If you’re looking to equip a kitchen with half-broken housewares from the 1960s, this is your place. Here are some of the best and worst potential purchases Fork in the Road found this year, most of them in a foodistic vein.

BEST: Deluxe Corn Service Set, featuring “4 authentic corn husk dishes, 8 steel tipped corn skewers, 4 easy-to-fill salt and peppers, 2 piece corn butter dish.” Now you just have to wait for the corn to come into the farmers’ markets.

WORST: Hillary Clinton Nutcracker. Sexual politics aside, who needs a bulky nutcracker, anyway?

It was a nice day on leafy Perry Street for a humongous yard sale.

BEST: Portable bartender kit

BEST: Mismatched used glassware, circa 1960 to 1980

Next: The worst of all, though not in a food-themed vein

WORST OF ALL: Scary textile art