A Peek At Madison Square Eats


Madison Square Eats is back for another spring at Worth Square until June 1. The outdoor food-cart gathering is one of the best fairs in New York City, and we have for you a sneak peek at the festivities. The gathering occurs every day from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and consists of a variety of vendors–from the well-known Momofuku Milk Bar to first-timer Antica Focacceria (who comes straight from Italy).

“It’s been really busy during the lunch crowd,” says Lauren Chiluiza from La Sonrisa, a empanadas vendor. “Business has been steady. We’ve gotten a lot of repeat customers.”

Their bestseller? The coconut-curry empanada ($3).

Annie Simon from Sigmund’s notes that their most popular item is the truffle-cheddar pretzel.

And at Roberta’s, the chefs have even brought with them a portable brick oven for baking purposes. Pizzas are baked on site.

Antica Focacceria, a first-timer to the food fair, is one of the more unique stands. The restaurant is actually located in Italy, and it serves Sicilian fare like caponata, cassata, and chickpea fries. Their bestseller: Pane e Panelle, deep-fried chickpea fritters sandwiched in a sesame roll ($5).

Of course there’s the Momofuku Crack Pie ($5.25).

Steve’s Craft Ice Cream has a selection of really quirky ice cream flavors. We got the Earl Grey tea (dairy free) with a spicy Mexican chocolate on the bottom (two flavors for $4).

Lebanese restaurant ilili takes shawarma to another level with its lamb roast ($12). The roast is only done every Saturday and is served with tomatoes, parsley, onions, sumac, and tahini. The restaurant roasts an average of three lambs each Saturday.

“This is a baby lamb, They’re still milking, and that is why their meat is on the pink side and not the red meat that you normally see,” Phillipe Massuad from ilili says. “It’s not as gamey. They’re free-range lambs, so they’re on the healthier side.”

MadParkNews has compiled a list of the vendors and their respective menus.