Hell’s Kitchen Gourmet Food Bazaar: Not That Impressive


Fork in the Road headed over to the Hell’s Kitchen Gourmet Food Bazaar on Sunday. It was essentially a gathering of no more than a dozen food trucks at the end of the Hell’s Kitchen flea market. At around 1 p.m., there wasn’t that much foot traffic in the food section, and truck employees could be seen lingering around to pass time.

The food bazaar, located on 39th Street and Ninth Avenue, will be present every second Sunday of the month through October. According to its website, “Each month will feature a rotating list of featured food trucks along with over 70 vendors selling antiques and vintage fashion.”

Although some of the trucks (Shorty’s, Cool Haus, and Red Hook Lobster Truck) stayed optimistic, others (Valducci’s) admitted they would probably not be coming back to the location. The trucks themselves were great–but their location at the back of the market was too remote, there weren’t that many trucks to begin with, and the selection of trucks was something that could be found in any other public New York City space in any other given day.

The trucks are a nice supplement to the flea market–not the main attraction. But though there wasn’t much business at the inaugural event on Sunday, as traffic to the market picks up, the food trucks (especially the ones that offer ice-cold desserts) will definitely be a welcoming addition for flea-market patrons.