Is Rihanna The Next Whitney Houston?


That’s what Star magazine so tastefully asks on their cover.

Yes, there have been murmurings.

Last week, Rihanna didn’t feel well, but she went to the big Costume Institute at the Met anyway.

She still felt terrible, but strangely kept partying after the event like there was no tomorrow.

And as you know, she ended up in a hospital, amidst chatter about exhaustion and dehydration.

Rihanna tweeted a photo of her IV-laden arm and later clarified that she was suffering from the flu.

Do you get an IV stuck in your arm for the flu? Just asking.

Anyway, Star talks about the singer’s partying problems and even her “dangerous hookups with men and women,” using her bisexuality as if it were a scare unto itself.

While Rihanna no doubt does need to slow down, I find the suggestion that she could die in a bathtub:

(a) Gross

(B) Wishful thinking on behalf of the tabloid media.

Meanwhile, here’s a much better magazine cover: