Lorena Xtravaganza’s Mystery Death


Lorena Xtravaganza died in a mysterious fire and her friends are doubly sad–for her loss, and for the coverage.

A New York Times article quoted a mechanic saying, “For a man, he was gorgeous”.

Well, she wasn’t a man. The transsexual stunner was a woman. (At least the rest of the article explains that she was born male and refers to her as “she” throughout.)

Another quote reveals that Lorena supposedly had her ribs removed to make her waist skinnier.

Not sure exactly what that might have to do with her death!

Yet one more revelation–that Lorena advertised her services on an adult website–at least might shed some light on the people she was hanging with before the fire.

But this kind of excavation is never done in the mass media when it comes to famous people.

Usually, deaths–even suspicious deaths–are greeted with polite evasions and half information, especially if you’re rich and famous.

Many a closet case has been memorialized as “a lifelong bachelor”, the truth buried behind hypocrisy and innuendo.

So why so much info now?