New Yorkers Don’t Like Occupy Wall Street or The Tea Party: Poll


It’s a pollapalooza!

Shortly after a Quinnipiac University Polling Institute came out identifying New Yorkers’ hatred of indoor smoking and love of bike shares, yet more info has come out detailing voters’ tastes.

According to a just released Siena Research Institute survey, most — more than 75 percent — want to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to 8.50.

Sixty-six percent of the 766 surveyed want $200 million in proposed tax cuts and credits to small businesses.

And they definitely do not want to raise legislative pay.

What’s also cool are the recent stats about the presidential election: Barack Obama still bests Mitt Romney by 20 points, though this marks a 3-point drop since April. In the Senate race, Kirsten Gillibrand continues to beat G.O.P. rivals by two-to-one.

And Andrew Cuomo, who voters tend to like despite his lack of transparency, is “viewed favorably” by more than 66 percent of voters, most of whom (56-43 percent) think he’s doing a good job.

Also interesting: Both Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party are disliked by 52 and 58 percent of voters, respectively.