Obama Earns Coveted Ricky Martin Endorsement; New York GOP Irked By Prez Partying With Celebs


For anyone who takes their political cues from pop star Ricky Martin, the former Menudo member has thrown his support behind President Barack Obama in this year’s election — he’s even throwing the president a pretty pricey fundraiser in New York tonight, which the state’s Republican Party seems to think is the reason the economy sucks and you can’t find a job.

Obama hasn’t always been the recipient of Martin’s (ahem) coveted nod — in 2004, Martin supported Obama’s opponent, now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in the Democratic primary for president.

This time around, however — much thanks to the president’s recent support for marriage equality, we’re sure — Obama’s Martin’s horse, and the first fundraiser he’ll hold for the “campaigner-in-chief” will be tonight at the Rubin Museum of Art. The ticket price: $5,000 a head.

The fundraiser, as we mentioned, has the panties of New York State Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox in a bit of a bunch — his office just sent us the chairman’s reaction to Obama’s partying with celebrities, under the headline “LAST WEEK GEORGE CLOONEY, THIS WEEK RICKY MARTIN, NEXT WEEK AMERICANS WILL STILL BE UNEMPLOYED.”

Essentially, Cox is parroting what right-wing pundits have been shrieking about lately: the economy sucks, it’s Obama’s fault, and he’s busy paling around with actors and pop stars.

See Cox’s full statement below:

“Tonight, Campaigner-in-Chief Barack Obama will hold a high-dollar fundraiser in New York City with Ricky Martin.  While millions of unemployed Americans are struggling to find work, President Obama will be partying with celebrities.

“President Obama has had three and a half years to turn our economy around, and he hasn’t. The numbers speak for themselves: Obama promised that his $800 billion stimulus package would keep unemployment below 8%, and it has been above that threshold ever since.  In the process, President Obama has added nearly $5 trillion to the National Debt, with no end is sight.

“April’s jobs report was even more bleak: just over 100,000 jobs were created, compared to over 300,000 Americans dropping out of the workforce entirely.  Only 63% of Americans are in the workforce, the lowest number since 1981.

“It’s no surprise that the President’s approval rating has sunk to a new low of 41%.  Americans have realized that Barack Obama is a man in over his head.  But fortunately for unemployed Americans, a successful businessman and Governor is waiting in the wings to put our nation back on the path to prosperity. This November, after four wasted years, Americans will relieve Barack Obama of his duties and elect Mitt Romney as President.”

The president’s not just partying with celebrities — another fundraiser is being held for Obama tonight. It’s being held at a private residence in Manhattan, with tickets going for $35,800. About 60 people are expected to be in attendance.