The Best Description Of The Tea Party Ever Written


“Can somebody tell me what the Tea Party is all about?

“They say that God is being taken out of our Constitution.

“Well, God isn’t in the Constitution.

“Do they have a leader? A logo? Exactly what are they angry at?

“They seem to be saying: Bring us back to what never was.

“What do they want a return to–the days of slavery?

“I’m not calling anybody I don’t know a racist. But there’s been so much hatred thrown at Obama, a lot of it hidden beneath the constant questioning of whether he’s…legally fit to hold office.

“I’m sure these feelings go much deeper than that.

“I remember being surprised at the size of the Secrect Service contingent surrounding Michelle Obama when she showed up to be interviewed at our studio in Washington.”

That’s from Larry King‘s book, Truth Be Told, which I found hits the nail on the (empty) head.

Larry also quotes Chris Rock on the same subject.

“He compared the Tea Party to the way little kids go crazy just before they go to sleep.”