Yes, Evan Wolfson, the “Godfather Of Gay Marriage,” Was Booked At Barnard’s Graduation Today Before Obama Came Out


From the Department of Karma and Fortuitous Timing:

President Obama will be speaking at Barnard’s graduation today, but the women’s college will also be honoring Evan Wolfson.

Wolfson, who will be receiving Barnard’s Medal of Distinction, is the founder and president of “Freedom to Marry” and is often called “The Godfather of Gay Marriage.”

Wolfson was indeed booked for this gig for some time, long before President Obama’s historic announcement last Wednesday that he and Wolfson are, indeed, pretty much on the same page.

It’s not known if or how today’s appearance at Barnard affected the timing of Obama’s announcement, as he and Wolfson were booked to appear on the same stage some time ago. WNYC reports that Barnard originally booked New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson, who agreed to step aside when Obama asked to address the women’s college following Rush Limbaugh’s “slutgate.”

However, after Joe Biden and Arne Duncan came out of the same-sex marriage closet, the White House had to know it would have looked pretty bad if Obama was sitting next to Wolfson getting a medal while he was still “evolving” after his cabinet had already evolved.

Wolfson, an attorney and the author of Why Marriage Matters, has been fighting for marriage equality for 30 years.