Bobby Jindal Slams Barack Obama’s Record on Lemonade Stands


This just in: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has called into question Barack Obama’s history with lemonade stands.

Jindal, a Republican and potential running mate for Mitt Romney, said Tuesday morning on Fox News’s America’s Newsroom that Obama: “hasn’t run anything before he was elected President of the United States…never ran a state, never a business, never ran a lemonade stand.” Jindal’s criticism echoes that of Ted Nugent, who also argued in June 2011 that Obama couldn’t sell the popular, citrusy drink.

Indeed, details about Obama’s background with lemonade — via stand or otherwise — remain unclear, though evidence suggests that the president’s backers have in fact used this summery, semisweet beverage during campaign fundraising.

Rachael Montgomery, of Ohio, reportedly raised money for Obama by selling lemonade at age 5, telling her parents: “she wanted to send all of the money to the Obama campaign fund.” Additional “kids for Obama” voter registration events appear to have a had lemonade motif.

A Facebook fan page, titled “Can this lemonade have more fans than barack obama?” appears to have attracted 259 likes.

The Voice is reaching out to political experts to see how lemonadegate might impact the incumbent’s chances in the upcoming election. We are also contacting Obama’s campaign to explain the president’s past experience with lemonade stands. We’ll update when we hear back.