Colin Beavan, Guy Who Went Year Without Toilet Paper, Runs for Congress


Colin Beavan, that guy who did not use toilet paper for a year, has only gotten into local politics a few days ago but is already pretty busy making media rounds.

Beavan, who calls himself a “newly self-proclaimed environmentalist,” is running on the Green Party ticket for the Central Brooklyn Congressional seat, against Charles Barron, Alan Bellone and others.

Beavan’s claim to fame is No Impact Man, a blog-turned-book-and-doc-deal chronicling his decision to live in Manhattan sans environmental impact. During Beavan and his family’s 12-month experiment, they didn’t just forgo paper products. They also avoided electricity and did laundry by “stomping on it in the tub.”

The New York Times, which today details his congressional bid and current Brooklyn digs, apparently asked the question we all want answered: So what was wiping like during that period?

In the style of a veteran politician, Beavan seems to have avoided the question, refusing “to discuss his use of a sensitive product eschewed during the project,” the Times notes.

He did explain his move into politics, telling a reporter: “People tend to concentrate on, ‘Do you compost? Do you buy secondhand?’… Well, yes, but those things aren’t going to sort us all out. What’s going to sort us out is all of us deciding that we’re responsible for the culture that we live in.”

As far as Beavan’s platform goes, his approach to the issues seems to be a bit more “progressive” than the Democratic Party’s positions, such as “encouragement of service rather than product-based economies” and “prioritizing human connection before goods consumption.”

The Voice reached out to Beavan to ask about living without toilet paper about his campaign, and whether he’s a fan of Portlandia. We’ll update when we hear back.

[HT City & State]