Andy Dick Tells Me: “I’d Be Dead Now If I’d Accepted That Part”


In a Q&A in my riveting new column, Andy Dick is as open as the giant bottle of booze that he’s not reaching for.

Andy told me he’s been sober for a while and misses the stuff like crazy, but he’s realized you can get laid without it.

He also talks about:

*The movie role that Will Ferrell got to do instead of him, thereby becoming a film star–though Andy is philosophical about the whole thing, feeling it saved his life.

*The time he stalked Crispin Glover, one of his inscrutable idols, who fully remembered the stalking when they recently worked together.

*Whether he sleeps with male costars or groupies

*And he compares himself to Charlie Sheen, saying, “I’m like a cat. I’ve had more than nine lives and I always land on my feet.”

You will go crazy for this amazing interview.

By the way, I only ran one of his mug shots (above) because he looks so handsome in it.