Angelina Wrote The Intro For Billy Bob Thornton’s New Book!


And it’s really loving!

Now how is Brad Pitt going to feel about that?

The book is The Billy Bob Tapes: A Cave Full of Ghosts by Thornton and Kinky Friedman.

And Thornton’s ex, Angelina Jolie, clinks metaphorical vials of blood with him and weighs in with a written appreciation.

She writes about Billy Bob:

“Most of all, he would die for his family. He has a big, beautiful heart.”

But it’s not all that simple. The man is complicated, Weird, even. A wondrous oddball.

“I have known him now for more than a decade,” states Angelina, “and I still haven’t quite figured him out.

“Not that I want to. The puzzle is so much fun.”

Angelina goes on to note that Billy Bob is agoraphobic, has insomnia, has OCD, and he writes his scripts on yellow legal pads.

“Some people walk through life able to quiet the voices in their heads,” offers Angelina.

“He can’t. And I, and everyone else who knows him well, we love him for it.”

And I love her for staying friends with the guy, complexities and all.

I wish my exes would help me write my books.

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