Free Slurpees and 7-Eleven’s New Low-Calorie Addition


Free Slurpee day is coming up next week. 7-Eleven will be giving away free slurpees Wednesday, May 23, between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. in its 7.11-ounce size only.

The deal comes in the wake of the convenience store’s new low-calorie Slurpee line, which is set to roll out later this week. Although it doesn’t have much nutritional value, it is sure to be a welcoming guilt-free addition as summer temperatures rise.

Fanta Sugar-Free Mango will be the first flavor available. The new drinks are made with Splenda and 8 ounces of the new mango drink will apparently contain only 20 calories.

Good thing for New Yorkers there are now plenty of 7-Elevens to go around. The chain store has recently started to aggressively expand all over the city with more than 100 new locations and with lower prices than local competitors, they have already been getting a bad rep from local bodegas.

It doesn’t help either that they have delicious hot dogs, the Big Gulp, and of now, the low-calorie slurpee.

Their new tagline for the product? “All flavor. No sugar.” It almost sounds too good to be true.