Mayoral Messiness? Candidates John Liu and Bill Thompson Do Battle With Controversies


As the 2013 mayoral race fast approaches, details keep emerging about potential candidates — but the info has tended to be pretty unappealing.

Today, there are two news items dealing with embattled Comptroller John Liu and Bill Thompson.

Let’s begin with Liu.

As reported in the Wall Street Journal, a court just determined that Liu “violated the law when he set an inflated prevailing wage schedule for furniture movers in July 2010.”

In other words, the comptroller’s office is supposed to set wages for certain professions who do business with the city, and that rate is supposed to be based upon market analyses. The judge said that Liu agreed to the inflated amount demanded by the movers’ union instead, thus violating the law.

Obvs, this can be a bit of a setback for an aspiring pol who’s touting his financial savoir-faire. His office had this to say to the Voice: “While we have been waiting for this decision our office has gone ahead and instituted a comprehensive survey of the moving industry, which will continue as planned. We will review the decision and weigh our options for moving forward.”

Also today came word that Bill Thompson, former chair of the Battery Park City Authority, approved almost $300 million in rent breaks for condo owners, according to the New York Daily News.

Thing is, the individual who stands to benefit a lot from this deal ($59 million, to be exact) is billionaire builder Howard Milstein, who just so happened to donate the maximum amount to Thompson’s campaign in January — $4,950. Milstein’s son and wife also donated the max, meaning the fam shelled out nearly 15K to Thompson.

We reached out to his campaign. We’ll update if we hear back. (H/T City & State).

Now, the Voice doesn’t want you to think that we’re picking on these guys because of political bias: We like to call B.S. on everybody. So, here’s some more stuff — be it shady or just kind absurd — that has recently made the news about some major 2013 hopefuls. (And feel free reach out to us if you know of more!)

Adolfo Carrion
Rumor has it that the former Bronx Borough prez might run on the Republican ticket. As the Voice has detailed, Carrion booted some Bronx community board members from their positions when they “objected a couple years ago to giving the richest team in baseball a public park and a few hundred million bucks to build a brand new stadium.”

Ray Kelly

He might run for mayor. He might not run for mayor. Who knows? Anyway, here’s all you really have to know regardless: He’s championed the NYPD’s Muslim spy scheme and hasn’t done shit to address stop-and-frisks criticism.

Scott Stringer

OK, we get it. Politics is largely about being…political. At the same time, though, it’s a bit annoying that Stringer would go after stop-and-frisk but not go after the guy who’s responsible for it.

Bill de Blasio

The public advocate has a thing for non-New York issues, like launching websites about Middle Eastern politics and Wal-Mart. Sure, it’s fine to comment on Iran and Israel, but it shouldn’t be a mayoral candidate’s big schtick.

Christine Quinn

Slush fund scandal, anyone?