Parish Hall’s 5 Best Dishes


“Duck”–nothing better than fat-rimmed Normandy duck breast and leg, in a kind of warm salad with greens, braised leeks, and beet puree.

This week, Counter Culture scrambles in to Egg spinoff Parish Hall, where the seasonal menu–much of it sourced upstate–is a delight. Here are the five dishes that impressed me most, which I’d love to eat again and again. Read the full review here.

Available only at brunch, “Lamb Bacon and Egg” features way-smoky house-cured lamb bacon with soft scrambled eggs on a roll lathered with mustard and garnished with spring onions. Ah, spring!

Lightly seared “Montauk Fluke” with pickled onions and a lovage nage

“Soft-Boiled Egg” relaxes in a smoked parsnip puree, topped with ham crumbs, and all bets are off when the yolk comes spilling out. You’ll be grabbing for more bread.

“Golden Tilefish” in green garlic broth with pickled rhubarb