This Is A Picture Of A Naked Woman Walking Into A Lumber Store


No shirt, no shoes, no pants, no underwear — no problem. At least for an Upstate woman, who walked into a lumber store completely naked yesterday. That, however, was only after she walked into a nearby convenience store, also in the buff.

The image currently is making the rounds on Facebook. The Albany Times Union got the story.

to the paper, the woman went to a Stewart’s convenience store and a
Curtis Lumber in Ballston within a few minutes of each other yesterday.
As we mentioned, she was sans-clothing.

From the Times Union:

“Have a good day,” the woman told one lumber yard employee as she traipsed out.

Curtis Lumber manager Bob Eakin, who was not at work at the time,
said the woman asked a couple of employees what time it was before she

“No one wanted to say much to her,” he said. “It’s not a situation you want to be involved in.”

A picture captured from a Curtis Lumber security camera of the
incident was being shared Wednesday on Facebook. Eakin said he hadn’t
seen it.

The unidentified woman also went to a Stewart’s Shop on East Line Road.

“The manager said ‘Ma’am, are you aware you have no clothes on?’ She
was kosher and cool about it, and the manager told her she needed to
leave,” said a Stewart’s employee, who only identified himself as Terry.

The unidentified woman already had her clothes back on by the time police showed up. A dispatcher with the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to the paper that a woman was charged in connection with the incident, but wouldn’t provide other details.