To anyone and everyone who would rather jam to Virginia Woolf than a woofer. Who still fancies Hemingway the all-time bar-brawl champ or has, at some point, uttered the word “transcendental” in a social setting. To anyone who has ever snuck a flask into the library. This is your night. Lit Crawl Brooklyn caters to readers, writers, and the chronically verbose with 13 salons for your hopping pleasure. Liars’ League NYC acts out the latest story by Mark Haddon, and Armchair/Shotgun waxes nostalgic with their old-timey radio show. At “Literary Cabaret,” the Campbridge Writers Workshop brings a surprise roster of favorite classic characters to the stage. We’re told something will explode, but we’re not sure what. Expect potent cocktails and conversation alike.

Sat., May 19, 6 p.m., 2012