Year of the Takeout Day 136: Yummy Cakes


Yummy Cakes from Cart (Stationed today at Grand Street and Bowery)

These popcorn-sized morsels, made on the spot, come 20 for $1 and solve the problem inherent in pancakes and their derivatives: They actually taste like something besides greased-up starch.

Whereas most quickbreads prepped with pancake batter seem creamy and floury enough, they don’t really have nuance.

They often tend to require a scoop of butter or a swirl of syrup.

However, yummy cakes, forged of pancake-esque dough in a bulbous sort of waffle iron, have a light, fluffy hint of citrus and are redolent with aromatic vanilla.

The man who makes them says he operates his cart in the area on most days. Visit him! Your stomach will thank you!