Don’t Worry, New Jersey — That Green Water’s Totally Safe To Drink (According to Water Company, Anyway)


New Jersey has a bit of a reputation as being a filthy industrial wasteland that’s probably not suitable for human habitation — and the fact that parts of the state have green drinking water is not helping.

Water, as you know, is supposed to be clear. In certain parts of Jersey, however, the water has an emerald tint to it, which is grossing out residents.

The green water’s been discovered in wells serving the Chadwick Island section of Toms River. The water company, however, says that despite the color, the water’s perfectly safe to drink. The problem: high levels of iron.

“You would have to drink six gallons of water to equal what’s in one
multi-vitamin,” Richard Barnes, spokesman for New Jersey American
Water Company, tells NBC’s New York affiliate.

NBC spoke with some residents who are dealing with the green water. As you might imagine, they’re not thrilled.

From NBC:

Ed Lefebvre first noticed the green water when he went to fill up his outdoor pool this spring.

The first time Lefebvre called the water company, he was told it would take weeks to come out and test.

But his persistence paid off, and while the testing showed it is safe to drink, Lefebvre said he’ll keep drinking bottled water.

“It’s frightening to see this color water,” Lefebvre said.

Green water may be frightening, but it seems to be par for the course in the “Garden State.”