The Fight for Foie Gras in California


California’s statewide foie gras ban will kick in on July 1. And as tends to be the case with foie, it’s a highly contentious issue. A few days ago, Jonathan Gold had a reminder for ban enthusiasts via Twitter: “Anti-foie gras peeps: Sarah DiGregorio’s 2009 Village Voice piece is still definitive.” We happen to agree.

In 2009, DiGregorio saw some gruesome images of duck farms and went off to investigate.

I figured the only way to know for sure whether foie gras equals torture was to go see it produced for myself. I called a contact at the gourmet food company D’Artagnan, which works closely with Hudson Valley, and asked if I could look around. I’d want to see the force-feeding. And the slaughter. And bring a photographer.

“No problem,” came the reply.

The gap between the images circulated on the Web and what DiGregorio sees in Hudson Valley’s farm is enormous. Go here to read Is Foie Gras Torture?

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