BEES Swarm East Village!


The Sixth Street Community Center generated buzz yesterday, when it received a shipment of 15,000 bees to potentially make honey for its new cafe.

(Bees, buzz, GET IT? GET IT? Oh man. We really do hate ourselves sometimes, and with such good reason.)

Anyway, this wasn’t the first apiary announcement to come from the East Village this week. Judging from a post on the New York City Beekeepers Association Facebook page, a group of bees allegedly associated with Bowery Poetry Club’s “Bob” reportedly swarmed for the second time in two weeks.

Most recently, the group caused confusion at a Bleecker Street Chase Bank branch.

The Voice reached out to Bowery Poetry to see what’s up with that, but we haven’t yet heard back.

As one fan of the page mentioned, summer happens to be “swarm” season — and bees are more likely to rush out of hives and congregate while looking for a new home.

What should you do if you come across a bunch of honey bees? Well, if they’re not in the way, you probably don’t need to do anything. But if they are in the way, call a beekeeper and any other necessary authorities.

The Voice will have more info on bees early next week, so check back!