Black Broadway Diva Almost Came To Prime Time


At the other day’s On Your Plate luncheon benefiting City Harvest, author Susan Fales-Hill (above) made a revelation.

A few years ago, she wrote a TV pilot about a black Broadway diva who’d fallen on hard times, with Whoopi Goldberg producing.

But Fales-Hill sat there as two drab network execs lectured on her on which traits a Broadway diva supposedly must have.

“This was like dying and going to the third circle of Dante’s hell,” Fales-Hill remarked.

As she noted, these two were of the type that “think going to the Beverly Hills mall is a cultural experience.”

An extra absurdity is that no one knows from black Broadway divas more than Fales-Hill does.

Her mother happened to be the Tony nominated Josephine Premice!

The pilot never went forward thanks to the pissy execs, so Fales-Hill (who wrote for The Cosby Show, among many other things) went into writing fiction, quite successfully.

By the way, her father, who’s still alive, is interesting too.

“I’m in pre-menopause and he married someone who just finished high school,” she told the crowd, laughing, “but that’s another story.”

Perhaps a TV pilot?