Blogroll Gazette: Wedding Food and Creme Brulee Donuts


This week in food blogs..

Wedding food doesn’t have to suck. Tips on how to how to avoid serving bad food on the big day. [Food Republic]

Coffee is really good for you but scientists have no idea why. [The Salt]

Black chickpeas. They’re basically the same as regular chickpeas except they’re black and a bit nuttier. [Amateur Gourmet]

The recipe for creme brulee donuts. [Iamafoodblog]

22 of the best looking sandwiches Serious Eats has eaten so far in 2012 [Serious Eats]

A map of where your food servers go after a long day at work. [NY Eater]

If chefs were really rock stars, who would they be? Thomas Keller = Elvis? [Grub Street]

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