Depressed? Blame The Internet!


Happy Friday: The Internet might be making you depressed, according to a new study.

This might not sound surprising to anyone who sits in front of a computer all day (see: Office Space.)

However, Missouri University of Science and Technology researchers are among the first to show a direct correlation between being super sad and file sharing, e-mailing, and chatting.

They determined that the more users participate in these activities, the more depressed they are likely to be.

The Missouri research, conducted by monitoring the network use of 216 sample students, did not find any connection between streaming media and HTTP traffic and mental health concerns, though.

Now, this is not the first time that modernity and misery have been linked.

Japanese scientists determined that sitting in front of a computer screen for “five hours a day can dramatically increase the risk of depression and insomnia”.

But don’t worry too much: apparently, these symptoms can now also be detected by the computers that cause them.

(H/T TorrentFreak)